2021 WINTER  |  SEASON 47


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Scorpions vs. South Central
12:40 p.m.

San Fernando Valley based Scorpions came through with a dagger late in the game's final moments as Scorpions defeat South Central for their first win of the season, 47-44.

The battle of the rookies was led by Eric Alvarado who finished with 20 pts, 4 rebs on 46.7% shooting. Chris Mejia finished with 12 pts, 8 rebs while Malik Baker led the team on the glass with 13 rebounds, 3 blocks and 3 assists. Carlos Avalos spent the majority of the game distributing the rock but when it mattered the most, Carlos hit the game winning shot that would give Scorpions their first dub of the season.

South Central is doing everything they can to earn their first win of the season and in their 3rd game of the season, GM Ryan Gonzalez was in street clothes helping manage the team from the sidelines. Former Bullets player, Eric Valentine was also helping the team from the sidelines as Miguel Ceballos led the way with a double-double, 14 pts, 10 rebs, and 2 stls. Juan Ramos finished with 11 pts, 6 rebs while John Henderson finished with 7 pts, 4 rebs, 3 stls. The team shot 31.1% from the field while shooting just 23.5% from beyond the arch.


Blazers vs. The Hills
1:40 p.m.


Blazers limited The Hills to just 11 first half points as David Garcia led all players with 16 pts, 5 asts. Blazers earn their second straight win as Blazers defeat The Hills, 47-41.

GM Eric Crespo is seeing the team chemistry develop as the team combined for 12 assists while limiting The Hills to just 14.8% shooting from 3-pt territory. Garcia shot 55.6% from the field while shooting 55.6% from the floor. Sebestian Loera led Blazers with 4 steals and 9 rebounds en route to 8 pts while Julian Chavez added 8 pts, 2 stls. Justin Chavez added 9 pts while Mario Lopez finished with 7 rebs, 4 pts.

The Hills was led by James Dotson who finished with 12 pts, 5 stls while Ian Wilson added 11 pts. Willie Crenshaw added 7 pts, 2 stls while Stacy Dickson finished with 5 pts, 7 rebs. GM Sergio Gomez, a former league official, is finding out how tough the league is as The Hills remain winless in their rookie season.


LR135 Thunder vs. Jets
2:40 p.m.


Jets have their first winning streak of the season beating LR135 Thunder, 58-48.

Rookie 2-way player, Domo, led all players with 18 pts and he finished with 6 asts on 50% shooting. GM Kevlin Swint added 11 pts, 9 rebs while Rob Smitz finished with 9 pts. Tim Conner scored 5 pts while William Hill rounded off the top 3 scorers with 9 pts, 5 rebs. Jets out-rebounded their opponents, 29-18, and were mentally in their opponents' head late in the game.

LR135 Thunder was led by Troy Tuivaiti who finished with 19 pts, 3 rebs while Saiz Aguilar finished with 12 pts, 3 rebs, 2 asts. Neo Buillion added 6 pts, 8 rebs while both Michael Johnson and Calvin Hollins finished with 4 pts apiece. LR135 Thunder will play P4E in their next match-up.


3:40 p.m.


Hilltop's undefeated start is no fluke as Hilltop gives TEAMNOSNEAKYSTUFF their first L of the season, 99-68.

Jordan Demuynck led all scorers with 37 pts and he finished with 8 three-pointers on 56% shooting. Jordan, one of the elite rookies in Superstar this season, finished with 4 asts and was 61.5% from 3-pt territory. Kenny Wright, former Finals MVP, made his return to Superstar with 27 pts while Brandon Fields added 14 pts, 5 rebs. GM Lance Ortiz is sidelined with injuries an Ross Hardwich made sure to pick up the slack as he led the team with 7 assists, finishing with 10 pts.

AJ Hollins led TNSS with 19 pts while Haze Jitmier added 14 pts. Dean Cello finished with 15 pts while Michael Earl returned to Superstar with 8 pts, 4 rebs. Omar Alameddine was missing in action and has made his case for the team's MVP as TNSS drops their first game of the season. GM Franklin Canales knew he was going to hear it from Omar after the game, and he finished with 5 pts, 2 rebs on 66.7% shooting.


Chicle vs. Stay Up
6:00 p.m.


Chicle scratched the L column for the second time this season as Stay Up continues their ascend to the top of the rankings. Stay Up is on a 2 game winning streak after being Chicle, 71-64.

Vincent Rodriguez III, former MVP, dished a team-high, 5 assists and he finished with 4 three-pointers, 24 pts. Jimmy Rodriguez, another former Finals MVP, finished with 28 pts, 12 rebs while Fernando Esteban added 4 pts. LJ Besong, on a tear in Gold Division, was the 3rd leading scorer with 11 pts. GM Tyler Su has to be delighted with the team's progress especially after playing without their best 1 on 1 defender in Jerome Anderson.

Jae Simbol led Chicle with 17 pts, 5 asts while AJ San Antonio added 16 pts. Jeff Briegel added 11 pts, 8 rebs while Steven Trujillo finished with 8 pts, 3 rebs. The team shot 41.4% from 3-pt range and 46.3% overall. Last season, Chicle went 7-1 before losing to the Finals against Public Enemy. With their second loss of the season and match-ups against other elite Bronze Division teams, GM Chris Duran has to be concerned with Chicle's second loss of the season.


ACODJ vs. Block Party
7:00 p.m.


ACODJ had just 5 players suited up... and that was enough for Punishers to invite ACODJ to the Block Party. Block Party continued their undefeated season with a 75-69 victory.

GM Anthony Camacho led Block Party with 24 pts while Ricardo Orgeta finished with 12 pts, 10 rebs and 4 three-pointers. Ismael Venegas added 11 pts while Rob Talamontes finished with 17 pts, 7 rebs. Block Party combined for 13 three-pointers shooting 38.2% from downtown. The team was efficient from within the arch, shooting nearly 60% from inside the 3.

Sway Madon scored a team-high, 27 pts and he finished with 10 rebs on 61.1% shooting. GM Ben Reaves added 23 pts, 5 asts while Chris Gallegos added 31 pts. Javis Johnson scored 6 pts while Roy Samaniego finished with 2 asts, 2 rebs. Once again, there's this FREE AGENT post on the social media page and GM Ben Reaves may look into the Free Agent post, to prevent playing with just 5 players. lol

Note: The League Commissioner apologizes for plugging the Free Agent post. If he had his way, he would run with just 5 players too, just to boost up his scoring average.


Breakdown vs. Los Lobos
8:00 p.m.


Quetzacoatl, a powerhouse Gold Division team the last 2 seasons, drifted apart with many of their players starting anew with Los Lobos. Steve Carpenter, their former teammate, was acquired by Breakdown just in time for this match-up and Steve was hot from the get-go, scoring 34 pts to lead all players. Breakdown defeats Los Lobos, 76-69.

Breakdown combined for 12 three-pointers as Carpenter led the team with 5 three-pointers and 5 assists. Steve shot 62.5% from 3-pt range while shooting 64.7% overall. Eric Alvarez led Breakdown with 8 rebs while Brandon Chavez added 19 pts, 5 rebs and 3 asts. GM Pablo Sanchez finished with 3 dimes, 5 rebs while Matt Zamora added 3 dimes, 8 pts. It was the first time Breakdown played at Chino SWEAT and the team shot exceptionally well, hitting 90.9% of free throws and 50% of their field goal attempts.

Ed Hernandez had his highest scoring game of the season with 32 pts and he finished with 8 three-pointers and 5 asts. Tray Caples, the team's leading scorer, added 16 pts, 9 rebs while GM Christian Preciado added 2 pts, 2 rebs. Alex Ortiz finished with 6 pts, 10 rebs while Julio Arroyo scored 9 pts, 3 rebs. Lupe Pena re-joined his Quetzacoatl teammates and he finished with 3 asts in his season debut.


Wastemanz vs. Zu's Finest
9:00 p.m.


Three players scored in double digits for Wastemanz as Wastemanz defeat Zu's Finest, 77-66.

GM Warren Forbes led Wastemanz with 22 pts and he finished with 6 three-pointers, 7 rebs and 2 asts. Zander Smith added 19 pts, team-high 5 asts, 2 stls while Tyler Peterson added 13 pts, 5 rebs, 3 asts. Wastemanz did most of their damage from beyond the arch, knocking down 15-of-36 (41.7%) 3-pt attempts. The team combined for 15 dimes and committed just 2 turnovers.

GM Ben Reaves led Zu's Finest with 22 pts and he finished with 5 rebs, 2 stls. Nate Reaves added 16 pts, 2 rebs while Jay added 13 pts. Jarris Jordan finished with 12 pts while brother Jeff Jordan came down with an injury early in the 2nd half.




Cali Shockers vs. Buckets
6:30 p.m.


Buckets lost for the second time this season as Cali Shockers win their second straight with a 66-64 win in OT.

Ajaun McLaughlin led all scorers with 22 pts, 3 three-pointers, 7 rebounds and a team-high, 2 steals. GM Michael Weston finished with 15 while Greg Hamilton finished with 10 pts. The team had 4 players score in double figures as Donovan L made his season debut with 11 pts, 10 rebs and 3 asts. Cali Shockers combined for 16 assists while shooting 30.4% from beyond the arch. Cali Shockers, a rookie team mixed with season one players and veterans Uzoma Kalu and Jason Fielder, is beginning to look like a well-rounded team and wins over Chicle and Buckets has Cali Shockers a team to watch out for in Bronze Division.

Buckets had a balanced scoring attack as 4 players scored in double figures. Derrick Tamanaha finished with 17 pts but was well below his average of 30 ppg. Center Jonathan Spaniol had his best shooting performance of the season with 15 while David Williams added 12 pts, 4 asts. Moe Hamdallah scored 11 pts while GM Jonathan Wynn finished with 4 dimes, 4 pts. Tamanaha had a chance to win the game in regulation but Cali Shockers played exceptional defense, limiting the MVP to his worst shooting performance of the season.


City Boyz vs. SkyRyse
7:30 p.m.


City Boyz continued their hot streak early in the season winning their 3rd straight, 69-57, over SkyRyse.

GM LJ Besong is having a breakout season in both Bronze and Gold Division and on Week 6, LJ has his best game in Gold. LJ finished with 18 pts, 2 rebs and 6 asts. LJ shot 56.3% from the filed converting 9 of his 16 shot attempts. Brandon Ortiz was the second leading scorer with 17 pts and he led the team with 7 asts. Udengwu Nnadi led City Boyz with 22 pts while Trae Booker grabbed a team-high, 14 rebs, 3 stls en route to 5 pts. The team combined to shoot 34.5% from beyond the arch while limiting SkyRyse to just 16.7% from 3-pt territory.

Nick Pacitti led SkyRyse with 15 pts while Jack Kagele added 13 pts. GM Donovan Morris finished with 5 pts, 5 rebs while Andrew Bongo led the team with 14 rebs, 9 pts. SkyRyse shot just 28.6% from the charity stripe while shooting just 3-for-18 from beyond the arch.


Prodigy Plug vs. The Rock
8:30 p.m.


"Finally.... The Rock has come back.... to Superstar Basketball..."

The Rock returned to action in a surprisingly close game as the whole city suited up to play against former Champions, Prodigy Plug. The Rock had a full roster with 13 players as Prodigy Plug won another close match-up this season, 66-64.

Adam Flash aka "The Best Player in The Gym", once again proved why his new nickname is well earned. Adam was 5 for 5 from the line and was clutch when it mattered the most, hitting 2 clutch free throws to seal Prodigy Plug's 3rd win of the season. Adam is 2 for 2 in game winners this season and he finished with 17 pts, 7 rebs and 3 asts. Darae Elliot, one of the elite rookies this season, finished with 18 pts, 8 rebs and 2 stls. Jeff Briegel scored 12 pts, 4 rebs while Isaiah Watson added 9 pts, 4 stls. Playoff P led the team with 6 assists and he finished with 7 pts, 3 rebs and an another ankle breaker that was worthy of a Top 10 feature (when it comes back).

Former DIAMOND Division MVP, Sean Harris, tied a team-high, 15 pts and was an efficient 71.4% from the floor. The former Killmonger player is a good fit for The Rock and GM Ben Sin has a lot of talent in this season's edition of The Rock. Kenny "Action" Jackson hasn't hooped in a year (or so he says) and he finished with a team-high, 4 asts, 12 pts and 3 three-pointers. Perry added 12 while Chris Ashanti tied a team-high, 12 pts. For a season debut, The Rock did exceptionally well and the rest of Gold Division needs to have their eyes on a potential Playoff team.


P4E vs. SkyRyse
9:30 p.m.


SkyRyse won their 2nd game in a row by keeping P4E winless in their rookie season, 77-70.

Markus Monroe led all players with 22 pts and he finished with 5 assists, 2 three-pointers on 57.1% shooting. When Markus is in a zone, there's no stopping him and some would argue he's the best 2 way player in Superstar. The team-high 22 pts was impressive but what doesn't show up on the box score is his willingness to shut down the best player on the opposing team. The best offensive players in Superstar - the Ryan Carters, the Derrick Tamanahas, the Al Browns... can put up offensive numbers but their ability to shut down the opposition's best player is nowhere near Markus' ability to lock down the team's best talent. Reigning MVP Donovan Morris finished with 17 pts, 11 rebs, 3 asts while Josh Gordon added 11 pts. Chris Reaves had his best shooting performance this season finishing with 16 pts, 4 asts while Marcus Bell added 5 pts, 7 rebs.

Kenny Barnes led P4E with 15 pts while Juice and Oliver O finished with 12 apiece. Percy Lemle added 14 pts while Khalil finished with 8 pts, 4 rebs. GM Don Weyrick isn't used to these winless starts but the schedule gets easier for P4E as they face teams in the bottom of the standings in their next few games. 


Concrete vs. The Heights
10:30 p.m.


Defending Champions, The Heights, put on a show as All-MVP Ryan Carter danced his way to a game-high, 41 pts. Carter, likely to be named Player of the Week for Week 6, was an efficient 56% from the field while dishing out a team-high, 8 assists. The Heights defeated Concrete, 102-79, as The Heights improved to 2-1 this season.

AJ Basco is showing potential as one of the top rookies in Platinum and he finished with 12 pts, 1 asts. Zach Hodskins made his Superstar debut finishing with 19 pts while Isaiah Watson finished with 21 pts, 5 rebs, 5 stls. Adam Flash led the team with 8 rebs while finishing with 9 pts. GM Min Park has to be delighted with his team's ability to play team ball and complement the league's best offensive player. On other teams, their players are go-to player but for The Heights, it isn't about stats but Championships.

Concrete had 5 players score in double figures as Neil Carter led the way with 20 pts, 6 rebs and 4 asts. Aesh Dabbas had a double-double with 17 pts, 11 rebs while Jeff Cordell added 10 pts. Kahliel Wyatt, another elite rookie this season, finished with 18 pts, 5 rebs on 3 asts.


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