2020 SPRING  |  SEASON 46


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Foundation vs. Outlawz
8:30 a.m.


Season hasn't started and the chaos on Saturday morning had league games set for cancellation. South Hills High School double-booked and the staff at Superstar, mostly playing for Foundation, spent most of Saturday looking for an alternate gym. With the stress of finding a new gym a day before the season opener, many are wondering how prepared Foundation will be, especially with a tough match-up against the Defending Champions. The League Commish, Hanz Jimenez, along with Terrence Martin, have dedicated their winter to getting back in shape to get back to the hardwood competing in one of the most competitive leagues in So. Cal. They'll see how much they have to go as they lead Foundation against the Champs.

Fernando Ruiz got the monkey off his back, as Outlawz celebrated their first Championship last season. The pioneers from East LA are defending a Championship for the first time and many are wondering how they'll fare in their first title defense. JC Banda, rumored to sit out the 1st half of the season, is their best perimeter defender while the trio of Frankie Morales, Fernando Ruiz, and David Munoz took turns hitting clutch shots last season. With experience on their side, look for Outlawz to smack Foundation in their return to Superstar.


Fuerza vs. Hennyboyz
9:30 a.m.


Both teams haven't submitted a roster. Fuerza, veterans in the league with a year under their belt, are back against Hennyboyz, a team making their return to Superstar. Hennyboyz made their debut a year ago but sat out last year after a disappointing debut in Gold Division a season ago.



Public Enemy vs Stay Up
10:30 a.m.


Public Enemy has consolidated their roster and several Gold Division players from last season could be making their debut in Bronze Division. Founder, Joseph Flores, is taking a break from GM duties this season as Public Enemy big guard, Kosmond Russell, leads the team in Season 46.


Stay Up is in the same situation as Tyler Su hands the rights to his franchise to Raymond Mercado. The team had a tough time in Gold Division last season and going down to Bronze Division should re-energize the franchise.



Blazers vs. Cali Raisins
11:30 a.m.


The season hasn't even started but Blazers GM, Eric Crespo, had the biggest shot of the season thus far. With Superstar set to postpone their morning games til next week, Crespo made a call and in the 11th hour, Baldwin Park High School opened their doors for Superstar's Season 46.


Cali Raisins, a runner-up from last season, is back with GM Jordan Ramos at the threshold. Regarded as one of the top point guards in Bronze, look for Cali Raisins to build on their momentum from last season.




Buckets vs. Wastemanz
12:30 p.m.


Buckets GM Jonathan Wynn may have had the biggest pick-up in the off-season. Al Brown, A Buckets All Star regarded as one of the best scorers in Gold Division, will team up with Dell Well, another prolific scorer/All Star making his Gold Division return on Season 46.


Wastemanz, a rookie team from last season, gained momentum late last season and with a season under their belt, could be making huge strides in their Sophomore season. All Star GM Warren Forbes may be having to put up more shots this season as Bishop Mency starts Season 46 with an injury. Stay tuned...



Try Hards vs. Quetzacoatl
1:30 p.m.


League analysts were calling rookie team, Quetzacoatl, the Spurs last season, as GM Chris Escoto managed a team that knew how to win, but lacked highlight plays, dunks, and alley oops featured in other Gold Division teams. After further review, apologies must be made as Quetzacoatl featured several in your face daggers, courtesy of Ed Hernandez and All Star Chris Escoto.


"Found myself watching a lot of highlights from those guys...Chris and Ed," said a league editor. "Those two know how to create shots and they hit a lot of tough shots against their defender."


The Sophomores take on Try Hards, a team that hasn't submitted their roster.



Breakdown vs. Zu's Finest
3:00 p.m.


Breakdown may be new to Superstar and in their second season, they could be one of the oldest teams in Gold Division. The team has size and experience but when it comes to the run-and-gun style played in Gold Division, Breakdown may be at a disadvantage. GM Pablo Sanchez had added Mike Hernandez to the roster and the team still features 7-footer, Chris Oliver. They have a tough match-up against the Reaves Brothers along with Chris Reaves, a veteran player who played pro in China several years ago.


Zu's Finest is looking stacked this season as Nate Reaves and Ben Reaves welcome the return of Chris Reaves. Nate and Ben are two of the craftiest back-court players in Gold Division and they are surrounded by 2-way players that enjoy playing defense. Skill set wise, both teams have it and this could technically be one of the more entertaining games in Gold Division this weekend.




Prodigy Plug vs. The Rock
4:00 p.m.


The Rock, former Champions, return to Superstar and they're welcomed by newly crowned Champions, Prodigy Plug.


Both teams haven't submitted their roster.



City Boyz vs Unfinished
5:00 p.m.


Looks like we're having a reunion in the Season Opener as former Fire Squad players, Otto Guillermo and Brandon Ortiz (City Boyz) face off against Marcus Eggum (Unfinished). The 3 All Stars teamed up for Fire Squad last season but a disappointing finish had Fire Squad calling it quits. With a new decade comes a new start as Unfinished GM, Marcus Eggum, takes on a new role as a General Manager.


LJ Besong played with Stay Up and after a disappointing stint with the franchise, LJ decided it was time to run his own team. Otto and Brandon should provide him with scoring and experience and don't look now but... this match-up could be the game of the week in the season opener.



SkyRyse vs. USA Hoops Academy
6:00 p.m.


GM Donovan Morris, one of the most skilled and passionate trainers in the area, leads Sky Ryse against rookie team, USA Hoops Academy.


Both rosters have been submitted and USA Hoops Academy features several rookies making their debut in Superstar.


Mark Turner, a sharp-shooter from Cali Raisins (Bronze Division) was consistent last season and GM Donovan Morris was one of the top players in Platinum Division a year ago (Team Challenge ALS). Look for SkyRyse to make a statement in their season opener.



Entourage vs. The Heights
7:00 p.m.


Entourage GM, Joey Cejudo, returned to All Star form last season as Entourage had their best season in recent years. Wanting all the smoke, Joey was disappointed with the team list when Platinum Division revealed just 6 teams early in the week. With Beast Tribe, Goon Squad, Underrated and now East LA Dream Team, Entourage could be getting the smoke they were looking for. They take on the former Champions, The Heights, as All-MVP, Ryan Carter looks to fill up the highlight reel in the season-opener.




Goon Squad vs. Powerball
8:00 p.m.


Powerball celebrated early season success last season improving their record to 4-0 in Season 45 before things got shaky. Losing Roderick Evans Taylor to Entourage ended up biting Powerball in the end and losing to Underrated, with just 4 players, had Powerball losing their early season momentum in the Playoffs. They hope to have a fresh start as GM Coach Randy Raphael leads the team against Goon Squad.


Goon Squad has a double-header in their season opener and GM Julious Patin is rehabbing from the bench. J showed plenty of heart trying to play his way out of injury last season but further damage could have been prevented, had he sat out... but #mambamentality... said otherwise. Managing the team from the bench could be a blessing in disguise as JT Roach makes a return to the franchise.



East LA Dream Team vs. Goon Squad
9:00 p.m.


Can Goon Squad escape the season-opener with a .500 record? Both Powerball and East LA Dream Team are formidable opponents but athleticism seems to favor Goon Squad. East LA Dream Team, former 3-time Champions, do not have the best athletes but their team play and their focus on the intangibles have produced winning teams.




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