Superstar Basketball has grown tremendously in the past 4 seasons and we look forward to providing you with the best adult basketball league experience possible. This season, we have limited space and we are focusing on QUALITY over QUANTITY.

We will only host games in 1 gym - South Hills High School. For the first time in our history, we are scheduling games for the whole season instead of scheduling games on a weekly basis.

In Season 45, we had 42 teams participate but in Season 46, we are only allowing 30 teams to participate. Every team will start on the waiting list and when your team is called up, your team will have a week to pay your league fees. If your team fails to pay league fees, your team will be back on the waiting list.


We have 1 gym available for use.

 1. South Hills High School
 2. Cameron Park (if necessary)


3 Divisions in Season 46.

   1. Platinum Division - Elite teams play in Platinum
    Division. Teams with players that have collegiate experience
    should be playing in Platinum Division. 8 teams will be
    considered to play in Platinum Division.

    Winning teams: FREE LEAGUE FEES + Trophy + Championship Shirts

   2. Gold Division - 12 teams will be considered for
    Gold Division action.
    Winning teams: Trophy + Championship Shirts

   3. Bronze Division - Recreation division shouldn't have any
     players that played in college in the last 10 years. 10 teams
    will be allowed to participate.

    Winning teams: Mini trophy + Championship shirts.

    A lot of teams have ordered jerseys through us in the in off-season.
    Your team must have matching jerseys with the same color or you
    will be penalized with jersey techs. This will be enforced on Week 1!!!
    Players must have numbers on front and back!
    - 2 free throws for EVERY jersey infraction.


  - High Quality In Game Photos
  - Previews/Recaps
  - Stats
  - Livestream / Archived Games on Youtube (@superstarball)
  - 8 Regular Season Games + Playoffs + Championship
  - All Star Game
  - Player of the Week (Automatic All Star Game selection)
  - Post Game Interviews
  - Game Emcee (when available)

  - We heard every excuse in the book last season, we're not dealing
    with that any further. We can refer you to other leagues that will
    cater to you but at this time, we are no longer taking payments.
    $400 = League Fees
    $280 = Referee fees ($35) per game x 8 games
   - - - - - - - -
    $680 TOTAL


    Will be posted a week before season starts on Sunday, February 16.

    - Team Roster needs to be submitted a week before season starts.
    - If a team is adding a player, they have until Wednesday of that week
      to add a player to their roster. Teams WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED
      to add players on the day of their game. It has to be approved by
      the league.
    - Superstar Basketball has the right to remove players from the league
      due to misconduct.
    - Any player owing money from season's past will not be allowed to play.

WEEK 1  February 23, 2020
WEEK 2  March 1, 2020
WEEK 3  March 8, 2020
WEEK 4  March 15, 2020
WEEK 5  March 22, 2020
WEEK 6  March 29, 2020
RIVALRY WEEK (WEEK 7)  April 5, 2020
BYE WEEK  April 12, 2020 (Easter)
WEEK 8  April 19, 2020
PLAYOFFS  April 26, 2020
FINALS  May 3, 2020

   +schedule subject to change due to gym availability.