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New Teams - $380
Teams that have previously played in the past and are coming back will be considered as a New Team. If you have any questions, please e-mail the League Commissioner.

Returning Teams - $340

Advanced Referee Fees - $280
Don't go through the hassle of having to collect ref fees on game days. Have your players pay for their ref fees up front so even if they don't show up, they've already paid for ref fees.

Teams - $280
Games Played: 7


In the past, teams have registered on the website and have shown up as registered teams on the website. This season will be different.

Teams that register will show up on the Interest List. It shows that you're interested in playing and you're in the process of putting a team together.

The Registered List means you're official. You will show up on the Registered list and you will be guaranteed games on the 1st Week after you make a down payment of $150 or make a full payment.


Superstar Basketball League will be played at Walnut Rec, Brea Canyon, American Sports Center (Evening), and gyms in the Pomona area.

We also have our San Diego Division which plays at Municipal Gym.



Every team that plays in our league isn't just a team, it is a FRANCHISE. We provide high quality services to make sure that Superstar Basketball League has the honor in providing you the opportunity of participating in our basketball league. Our unique services for teams include: archive of all games, customization of team logos, game previews in our weekly newsletter, and the chance for teams to order personalized basketball jerseys.

Our teams are diverse in talent, age, race, and character. Despite our differences, one thing that we all have in common is our love for basketball. Through basketball, we promote brotherhood, unity, respect, and understanding. We have ZERO tolerance for fighting.

General Managers are the owners of the franchise. They have full authority in making roster changes, team name changes, and the privilege of participating in league decisions. We work with them to make sure your franchise is fully accommodated.   


Summer 2007

Superstar Basketball League strives to maintain its stature as the premier basketball league in Southern California. We have revolutionized the landscape of basketball with innovative features such as: Sortable Statistics, Player of the Week accolades, Top 5 Games of the Week, a Championship/All-Star Weekend, and a yearly Awards Show to celebrate you. Our competitive, amateur basketball league utilizes the best indoor facilities regulated by an experienced officiating panel. As we strive to be cutting edge, our technology fares at equal pace. Communication is efficiently delivered through our website and web forum, which is updated on a daily basis covering news, statistics, and team standings. Whether you are a recreational player or an aspiring athlete to take your game to the next level, the resources are here. Basketball is no longer a game, it is a lifestyle.

Winter 2007

In 2 consecutive seasons, Superstar Basketball League has delivered on its promise in providing the casual basketball player a superior basketball experience. This year, we will do the inevitable and that is to expand and add more competitive teams. The League has doubled from 6 to 12 teams in 1 season and only time will tell how many more teams will experience the Superstar Basketball experience. Throughout our growth, we will not only meet expectations but we are optimistic that we will exceed expectations by adding more innovative features and providing new services.


Summer 2006

Superstar Basketball League is the premier basketball league in Southern California. We strive to revolutionize the landscape of basketball with innovative features such as: Sortable Stats, a weekly newsletter called Lifestyle, Superstar Player of the Week, Game of the Week, and All-Star Game. We provide a competitive amateur basketball league utilizing the best indoor basketball courts available, and contracting knowledgeable and experienced referees. We use the latest technology in updating our websites and we maximize the power of the Internet by providing our players with up-to-date stats, standings, and news. We are the pioneer in providing the casual player the experience of not just playing the game of basketball, but living it as a lifestyle.