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Winter 2009

In our 3rd year, we promise to deliver new features while maintaining the quality that made Superstar Basketball what it is today. Basketball enthusiasts will thrive on the tournaments we're providing in the off-season and we're hosting two tournaments (Spring and Fall) in our third year. We're taking more pictures, producing more videos, and upgrading the website constantly to ensure you that Superstar Basketball is one of the top basketball leagues in Southern California.

Summer 2007

Superstar Basketball League strives to maintain its stature as the premier basketball league in Southern California. We have revolutionized the landscape of basketball with innovative features such as: Sortable Statistics, Player of the Week accolades, Top 5 Games of the Week, a Championship/All-Star Weekend, and a yearly Awards Show to celebrate you. Our competitive, amateur basketball league utilizes the best indoor facilities regulated by an experienced officiating panel. As we strive to be cutting edge, our technology fares at equal pace. Communication is efficiently delivered through our website and web forum, which is updated on a daily basis covering news, statistics, and team standings. Whether you are a recreational player or an aspiring athlete to take your game to the next level, the resources are here. Basketball is no longer a game, it is a lifestyle.

Winter 2007

In 2 consecutive seasons, Superstar Basketball League has delivered on its promise in providing the casual basketball player a superior basketball experience. This year, we will do the inevitable and that is to expand and add more competitive teams. The League has doubled from 6 to 12 teams in 1 season and only time will tell how many more teams will experience the Superstar Basketball experience. Throughout our growth, we will not only meet expectations but we are optimistic that we will exceed expectations by adding more innovative features and providing new services.


Summer 2006

Superstar Basketball League is the premier basketball league in Southern California. We strive to revolutionize the landscape of basketball with innovative features such as: Sortable Stats, a weekly newsletter called Lifestyle, Superstar Player of the Week, Game of the Week, and All-Star Game. We provide a competitive amateur basketball league utilizing the best indoor basketball courts available, and contracting knowledgeable and experienced referees. We use the latest technology in updating our websites and we maximize the power of the Internet by providing our players with up-to-date stats, standings, and news. We are the pioneer in providing the casual player the experience of not just playing the game of basketball, but living it as a lifestyle.


 “This league is the best league we've ever been a part of.”
- Dennis Adams, The Problem
(Summer 2007)

 “This league is the best. It just keeps getting better”
- Alphonso "Flight" White, Young Gunnaz
(Summer 2007)

 “Great experience. Best league by far.”
- Rodney Ching, 626'ers GM
(Spring 2007)

 “Fun, improving every season.”
- Alvin Aguilar, Phenoms GM
(Spring 2007)

“Exciting games, well organized and great future.”
- Raymond Cardenas, Franchise GM
(Spring 2007)

“Great experience. We'll continue to play.”
- Steve Kim, Team Captain of DSK
(Winter 2007)

“One word, Amazing!”
- Aries Inguito,
Team Captain of Bank
(Winter 2007)

“A dream come true.”
- James Bernardo,
Co-Captain of Elements
(Fall 2006)


“Great! No fights and the players all play hard.”
- Jeff Lee, Team Captain of Swish
(Fall 2006)


“It was good. Built good friendships, competitive, but friendly, well-organized.”
- Albert Bustos, Team Captain of Dynasty
(Summer 2006)