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I.              RULES
a.       All games will be played under CIF High School Federation Rules.
b.       Rules will only be revised in the off-season.
c.     This means that rules are finalized once tip-off for the 1st game of the season begins.

a.       A Team can utilize a maximum of 12 roster spots.
       Only General Managers have the authority to add players to the rosters.
       A player can be added to the team roster no later than the 2nd week.
       Player must play/be in attendance in either Week 1 or Week 2 in order to be included in the roster
      We encourage General Managers to e-mail for any info regarding player injuries, and availability.
        Players can play for only 1 team per Division.
      To keep the games competitive and fair, ONLY 2 players from a higher division team will be allowed to play in a lower division team.
       Players that aren’t on the roster will NOT be allowed to play.
         NO-RINGERS. The stats-keeper and the opposing General Manager may ask the player in question.
j.      Players must bring PHOTO ID. Stats-keepers have the authority not to allow a player to participate if the player does not bring photo ID.

III.          UNIFORM
a.       All players must wear matching colored jerseys with numbers on front and back.
       Any different colored jersey is subject to a technical foul. Blue and black aren’t the same colors. White and yellow aren’t the same either.
       Technical fouls will be assessed on the 1st day of the season and will be called continually if the jerseys still do not match.

IV.          GAME PLAY
GENERAL MANAGER MUST CHECK IN 10 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE GAME or designate someone from his team to check in.

Teams have 10 minutes until the clock starts running. For every minute that passes, the opposing team will be awarded 2 points.

a.       CLOCK
             i.    Four 10 minute quarters
            ii.    Stop Clock for last 2 minutes of game IF differential is less than 15 points.
           iii.    Overtime – 2 minutes
     Double OT – 2 minutes
     Triple OT – first team that scores, wins. 

       TIME OUTS
        i.     4 time-outs for the regulation game and one additional time in overtime.
     2 time-outs per half. Time outs DO NOT CARRY OVER!!
          iii.    1 time-outs will be given out in OT. Only 1 unused time-out may carry over.

    One-and-One on the 7th team foul. 
           ii.   Two shots on the 10th team foul. 
          iii.   Each player is allowed 5 personal fouls. (6 Personal fouls in Diamond Division ONLY)
    Fouls in the 1st half do not carry over.
    2 free throws every technical foul & possession.
     2 technical fouls: Out of game + 1 game suspension.

      Team that wins the tip will have possession in the 4th quarter.
     Team with possession are allowed to advance to half court after a time out.
         iii.    When the referee declares jump ball, the ball will be tossed at the closest circle.

V.           PLAYOFFS
a.       3 referees will be used to officiate Playoff games. (SEMIS and CHAMPIONSHIP)
       Top 4 teams in each Division will qualify for Playoffs.
        Teams will be re-seeded according to their records.
       Tie-breaker goes to the team that won in their match-up.
       Tie-breaker goes to the team that won the highest ranking team.

a.       There is ZERO tolerance for fighting.
     Player will be suspended permanently for throwing punches even if it is in self-defense.
        ii.     Referees have the authority to sit a player out to cool off.
       iii.    Suspension for the whole Season including All Star, Playoffs, and Championship for the player.
    iv .    Reinstatement fee for any suspended Player involved in other altercations - $50.

VII.          WEBSITE
a.       Superstar Basketball League reserves the right to free speech regarding Teams, Players, and Staff members.
       Errors, typos, wrong information can be removed by e-mailing
       Changes can be within 2-3 days.

a.       A player must play 6 out of 8 games in order to be recognized as a leader in their respective category.
b.      A player must play 6 out of 8 games before they are nominated for end of the season awards.

VI.        FINES
a.       $80 - Reinstatement fee for teams that forfeit.
b.       $50 - Reinstatement fee for any suspended Player involved in other altercations.
c.       $40 - Return fee for all checks that bounce.
d.       $5 -   Failure to leave the bench clean will result in a $5 fine. Stats-keepers, refs, staff may assess the fine but there must be photographic evidence showing exact time and date.






Description of service: Superstar Basketball League is the premier basketball league in Southern California. We provide the amateur basketball player the opportunity to play in a professionally maintained basketball league. We provide basketball courts with the highest quality and request only knowledgeable referees. Our stats keepers are experienced and honest. Lastly, we provide a superior website where your statistics are current and accurate. Our innovative features include: Sortable Statistics, Player of the Week, and many more.

All players are required to bring ID to every game: Winning a championship is important but who’s to say your stats aren’t. Your stats are important. To preserve authenticity and honesty, we require that each player bring a Photo ID before playing a game. This will help us to ensure that teams aren’t playing with players who aren’t registered. No “Ringers” allowed!

Who can play?  Who’s to say guys over 40 can’t play? Who’s to say that girls can’t play with boys? Who are we to say that only certain nationalities can play whereas only 2 “outsiders” can play? As long as you’re 18 years or age, you’re more than welcomed to play.

Rules and Regulations:  As a basketball player in our league, you are required to abide by our rules and regulations at all times during the course of the season. The Team Captain is responsible for his/her team. The complete guidelines are located Rules section of our website. Superstar Basketball League is based on High School federation rules with slight variations. You are responsible for reviewing the League rules and regulations.

Code of Conduct: Superstar Basketball League has ZERO TOLERANCE for fighting. Superstar Basketball League reserves the right to post suspended player’s name on the website. Suspensions will carry no refund and teams cannot replace their suspended player. The referees are in charge of the game and reserve the right to do their job. If the problem needs to be escalated, the Team Captain must contact the Commissioner.

Liability:  Players are held financially accountable for any damage to chairs, walls, or any part of the gyms. All participating players will be responsible for their own medical insurance. Superstar Basketball League and its owners are not liable for any injuries on the basketball courts or around the premises. As an athlete in such sports, players should be familiar with methods of conducting basketball and the inherent risk of physical injury. Players hereby waive, relinquish, and release any an all right to claim to damages which may occur during the course of the game. The league will not supply medical insurance and accident insurance.

Team Roster: Each team roster is limited to 12 players. Only players listed on your team roster are eligible to play. Final team rosters are due on registration but may be revised no later than the 2nd week. The absolute last day players can be added to a roster is 11:59 p.m. on the 2nd week, Sunday. An e-mail must be sent out to for documentation.

Schedule Changes: If needed, Superstar Basketball League reserves the right to move teams to different divisions/conferences, change season schedule, dates and gym location at anytime during the course of the season. If such changes occur, Superstar Basketball League will post such changes on the website. We will contact the Team Captain and it is the Team Captain’s responsibility to check the website for such changes.

Registration: All information that you provide to Superstar Basketball League must be accurate. The team roster must include your team’s name, players, age, height and contact phone number.

Referee fees / Forfeit Bond: You are responsible to pay a ref fee at each league game to contract two referees and scorekeepers. Ref fees are $35 each game.

Forfeit Fee: Not showing up for your games is disruptive to the league. If you forfeit any game during the course of the regular season due to "flaking" you are required to pay a re-instatement forfeit-fee of $80.00. Payment must be paid before the team’s next game. In addition, the GM must contact the league within 2 business days or your team will be removed for the season.

Payment Method: Payment must be received in full by check payment, money order, or cashier's check. Payment is accepted from the Team Captain only. Other payment arrangements can be made by contacting the League Commissioner.

Receipt of payment: Once your payment is received you will receive a confirmation receipt of payment by email. Your team profile will show up on our website within 2 business days after payment is received.    

Return Check Fee: All returned checks are subject to a $40.00 return fee by Superstar Basketball League. 

Refund: Only the GM can request for a refund. The Team Captain must submit a request for a refund via e-mail. A telephone number / cell number must be provided so that we may contact the Team Captain. No refund will be given after the season begins.



"Basketball is more than just a game, it's a lifestyle."